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Vermont Open Ski Area Photos
Bear Creek - Plymouth, VT - Photos
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April 6, 2002:
I drove up the access road on my way back from checking out areas to the north. Both double chairlifts are visible from below the lodge. Area still looked skiable despite the time of the season.
Bolton Valley - Bolton Valley, VT - Photos - 1
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January 2, 2006:
My friend Jamie and I skied two runs at Bolton Valley in the morning. While there was one trail in good shape (Alta Vista), the rest of the mountain was frozen granular or blue ice from the recent rain.

April 6, 2002:
I drove up to the base of both Wilderness and the Main Mountain at Bolton Valley. There was a decent spring crowd despite only having the Mid Mountain and Vista chairs open.
Bromley - Peru, VT - Photos - 1
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July 30, 2005:
I hiked up the Appalachian Trail with some of the NELSAP crew to the summit of Bromley. We then hiked down the ski area, had lunch, and were treated to a free ride on the alpine slide. We then walked back to the trail head on Route 11.

February 11, 2003:
I skied the morning at Bromley after a good half a foot snowstorm. Skiing was good despite the windblown nature of the snow.

April 27, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Bromley.

July 2001:
I went on the alpine slide and Deval Karts at Bromley.
Burke - East Burke, VT - Photos
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September 10, 2005:
I stopped by Burke before going to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner. A new Poma-Leitner high speed quad was being installed in the lower base area.
Haystack - Wilmington, VT - Photos
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Killington - Killington, VT - Photos - 3
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Living Memorial Park - Brattleboro, VT - Photos
April 13, 2003:
I drove up to the base area and took some shots of the slope and the small patches of snow remaining.

April 24, 2002:
I drove up the road that goes from the base of the T-Bar to near the summit terminal. I also walked around the base area and looked at the T-Bar as well as the Bombardier snow cat.
Mad River Glen - Waitsfield, VT - Photos - 1
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August 12, 2006:
I hiked up to the summit of Mad River Glen via the Long Trail, starting at the Appalachian Gap.

January 18, 2005:
My friend Dan and I skied two runs at a very cold Mad River Glen. The single chair was not running due to, as they explained it, deadly cold temperatures at the summit. Some signage put this at -40 degrees+ with the windchill. Nonetheless, we made one very cold run down from the top of the Sunny Side double and one off the Pratice Slope double.

April 3, 2004:
I drove by the base area.

April 6, 2002:
I walked around the base area.
Magic - Londonderry, VT - Photos - 1
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December 29, 2006:
I stopped by Magic after hiking Bromley. The area was closed, however snowmaking was in progress.

September 30, 2006:
I briefly stopped by Magic to look at the used double chair they had recently purchased. Many of the buildings have been freshly painted.

July 8, 2006:
I hiked up Magic Carpet to the summit of Magic, then hiked over to Timber Ridge. While some trails have one or two passes worth of mowing, things seem pretty quiet. There appears to be no progress on the blue chair.

January 3, 2005:
After skiing Okemo and Stratton, my friend Jamie and I stopped by Magic to see what we missed. While they had made snow, things didn't look that great due to the lack of natural snowfall this winter to date.

September 25, 2004:
I hiked around the base area of Magic Mountain prior to going to the NELSAP Snow Valley hike. The towers for the blue chair were up and some appeared to be crooked.

November 26, 2003:
After skiing Okemo, my friend Jamie and I stopped by Magic to see the progress on their Borvig double installation.

February 11, 2003:
I skied the afternoon at Magic after skiing the morning at Bromley. While there was over half a foot of new powder, it had blown off Magic leaving mostly ice. Fortunately I had my snowblades with me, so I was able to blade most of the mountain without a problem. There were about 2 cat passes on the entire mountain, the rest was ice or isolated ungroomed powder.

November 2, 2002:
I walked around the base area of Magic and looked at the chairlift down in the parking lot.

May 25, 2002:
I hiked up skier's right of the mountain and hiked down skier's left. Very quiet - no one else hiking.

March 19, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Magic Mountain, as well as the closed Timberside area.
Middlebury Snow Bowl - Hancock, VT - Photos -
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Oct. 7, 2006:
I hiked up the Long Trail to the Middlebury Snow Bowl summit. The trails had mostly been mowed and signs of equipment driving up the trails were also visible.
Mount Snow - Dover, VT - Photos - 4
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March 21, 2007:
I skied Mount Snow with my friend Dan on a nice sunny day. Temperatures permitted excellent loose granular conditions, with nearly all of the mountain open.

October 8, 2006:
I hiked up Carinthia and Sunbrook on a crowded fall day.

January 10, 2005:
I skied an extremely foggy Mount Snow for a few hours in the morning. There were a few inches of new snow, however visibility was terrible. I took a few runs on the Main Mountain, North Face, and Carinthia. Most of Sunbrook was closed.

February 11, 2003:
I drove by the entrance of Mount Snow.

May 25, 2002:
I drove by Mount Snow on my way to hiking Magic.

April 24, 2002:
I drove around the base areas of Carinthia and Sundance.

I skied Mount Snow on a school trip.

Early 1990s
I skied Mount Snow for the first time, mostly staying on Long John and Deer Run and using the Summit Triple.
Okemo - Ludlow, VT - Photos - 4
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December 20, 2006:
I hiked Okemo via the Healdville Trail. Snowmaking was in progress on the summit of the mountain.

March 16, 2005:
I skied Okemo with my friends Becky and Kiley. It was a nice sunny day with good conditions and some fresh snow.

March 14, 2005:
After a morning of spring conditions (and base damage to my skis) at Ascutney, my friend Dan and I went to Okemo for the balance of the day. Fortunately I had my short skis with me so that I could wait for PTex before using my regular skis again. Conditions were good and most of the mountain was open.

January 3, 2005:
After a short morning at Stratton, my friend Jamie and I went north for better conditions at Okemo. Most of the mountain was open and in good shape. Crowds were very small.

September 25, 2004:
I hiked around the base area of Jackson Gore and looked at the new high speed quad.

November 26, 2003:
My friend Jamie and I skied Okemo. While not everything was open, conditions were good and crowds were very small.

November 2, 2002:
I had lunch at the Okemo base lodge then checked out the Jackson Gore progress. Footings for the base area had been poured and trails had been cut. The new quad had also been installed to the top of the new peak.

March 19, 2002:
I drove up to the future site of the Jackson Gore area. The base area was cleared out as well as a few lower mountain future trails. The rest of the area, however, was not.
Pico - Rutland, VT - Photos - 1
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September 30, 2006:
I hiked from Sherburne Gap to Killington, hiking up the incomplete connection trail and around the various western complexes of Pico. The Summit Express Quad appeared to be painted recently, as well as the Little Pico Triple.

January 13, 2003:
I skied part of the morning with my friend Jamie here. The sleet/cold wind made it difficult. The canopy covering the old trails was neat.

May 4, 2002:
I drove around the base area/parking lot with my friend Marc. The upper half of the mountain was partially covered by a recent snowfall.

April 6, 2002:
I stopped by the base area to take some photos. Still really good snow coverage.

Mid to late 90s:
I stopped by here in the summer and went on the alpine side.
Quechee Lakes - Quechee, VT - Photos
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September 10, 2005:
I stopped by and walked around the base area on my way to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner. A new Doppelmayr fixed grip quad was being installed. Lots of golfers were near the base area.
Smugglers Notch - Jeffersonville, VT - Photos - 1
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April 10, 2004:
I skied Smuggers Notch on an overcast spring day. Though Morse and most of skiers left on Madonna was closed, there was still a lot of terrain to be skied. Smugglers Alley and Upper FIS were solid sheets of ice and frozen granular due to the variable spring weather - an enjoyable challenge.
Stowe - Stowe, VT - Photos
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September 21, 2006:
I hiked up Mt. Mansfield via the Long Trail, down Nose Dive, and then drove over to the Spruce development. The gondola was open for sightseers - and a new transfer gondola was being constructed.

April 10, 2004:
I stopped by the base area on my way up to Smuggler's Notch.
Stratton - Stratton, VT - Photos - 2
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September 10, 2006:
I hiked around the ski area summit of Stratton via the Long Trail and Stratton summit. The gondola was operating for sightseers.

January 3, 2005:
I skied Stratton with my friend Jamie. Due to the lack of snowfall or great weather early in the season, coverage was not great and due to the fog, the snow was not its best. As a result, we skied the afternoon at Okemo.

March 18, 2004:
I skied Stratton on a powder day with my friend Jeremy.

May 4, 2002:
I drove through the base area as well as the Sun Bowl with my friend Marc.

April 27, 2002:
I drove through the base area and the Sun Bowl.
Sugarbush - Warren, VT - Photos - 3
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August 12, 2006:
I hiked from the Appalachian Gap to Lincoln Peak via the Long Trail, stopping at Mount Ellen and Castlerock on the way.

January 2, 2006:
After an icy two runs at Bolton Valley, my friend Jamie and I went to Sugarbush for the afternoon. After parking at north and skiing from the summit, we took the Slidebrook Express over to South and skied one run from the summit there. Conditions on north were superior and overall it was sunnier, so we went back and finished the day skiing off the high speed quads.

March 15, 2005:
I skied Sugarbush with my friend Kiley. The Slidebrook Express Quad was not running. Conditions were very good. Some of the upper lifts were on wind hold.

April 3, 2004:
I skied Sugarbush with my friend Dan. The Slidebrook Express Quad was running. Visibility in the higher elevations was very bad.

March 6, 2002:
I drove around the base areas of both the Sugarbush South side and the Glen Ellen side. I also drove up a road across the valley from the ski area to take some additional pictures.
Suicide Six - Woodstock, VT - Photos
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January 13, 2003:
My friend Jamie and I stopped by this area on our way back from a really cold/windy day at Killington. Small, steep ski area, though not as steep/big as I had imagined it to be. Interesting/rare chairlifts.

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