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Vermont Lost Ski Area Photos
Ascutney - Brownsville, VT - Photos - 2
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September 17, 2006:
I hiked Ascutney via the Weathersfield Trail and took a few photos of the ski area from some of the cliffs near the summit.

March 16, 2005:
Skiied the morning with my friend Dan...though it was nice weather and the conditions were decent, I took a good gouge out of the base of one of my skis near the top of the North Peak Quad. The terrain layout of the quad isn't ideal at all - only real one way down the top 100 or so vertical feet.

March 26, 2004:
After a boring few runs at Bretton Woods, I decided to give Ascutney a try. While there was very little snow left at the base area (in fact there was only a little slush leading to the base terminals by the end of the day), the skiing was decent and the terrain rather interesting. The North Peak Quad was not open (lack of snow most likely, as well as lack of a crowd), however the long ride up the Snowdance triple still allowed for decent variety.

March 19, 2002:
Drove by the main base area and lower base area.
Dutch Hill - Heartwellville, VT - Photos
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Hitching Post Farm - Royalton, VT - Photos
April 7, 2002:
On my way to Bolton Valley I noticed the trails of this area from Interstate 89. After backtracking, I discovered a rope tow and maintained field around it.
Hogback - Marlboro, VT - Photos
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August 19, 2006:
I hiked up the Practice Slope and over to the top of the Great White Way trails, eventually to the summit of Mt. Olga. While I was planning to look at the east face, I was quickly deterred when I heard gunfire a few dozen yards from me at the summit. While the trails are grown in, there are still logging/four wheeling roads around the area that make hiking easier. The summit terminals of all of the t-bars still exist.

April 24, 2002:
I hiked around the base area of Hogback. Despite being closed for over a decade, the trails were in halfway decent shape.
Maple Valley - Dummerston, VT - Photos
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March 16, 2004:
I took photos of the North Double while driving by.

February 11, 2003:
I drove by Maple Valley and took photos of the North Double.

April 14, 2002:
I took a tour of Maple Valley with the former Mountain Manager. The lodge was in decent shape due to a recent renovation. The tubing operation also seemed to be in decent operation despite being out of action for a few years. The double chairlifts and snowcats had seen better days.
Mt. Tom - Woodstock, VT - Photos
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January 13, 2003:
I drove by Mt. Tom with my friend Jamie after checking out Suicide Six and skiing Killington. The slopes appear to still be mowed.
Pine Top - Vernon, VT - Photos
March 15, 2002:
I drove by the location of Pine Top. Not much is left to see with the exception of a few small buildings and variations in growth (large pines, canopy deviation).
Prospect Mountain - Woodford, VT - Photos
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November 4, 2006:
I stopped by the Prospect parking lot after hiking Mt. Equinox. Some of the trails appear to have been mowed prior to the recent snow.

June 25, 2006:
I stopped by the Prospect parking lot. Some trails are still cleared and T-bar/rope tow towers are still standing.
Snow Valley - Winhall, VT - Photos
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July 30, 2005:
After the NELSAP hike at Bromley, a few of us stopped by Snow Valley and walked around the base area briefly.

September 25, 2004:
I took part in a NELSAP hike, as we went to the top of Snow Valley. A considerable amount of the area had been cleared recently, making many of the main slopes skiable. We hiked up a combination of trails including Steeplechase then hiked out a newly recleared novice/intermediate trail. The lodge interior had been gutted and the front deck removed.

April 27, 2002:
I hiked around the moderately grown in Snow Valley base area and down to the base area of the double chairlift. The chairlift was in very rough shape as was the lodge.
Timber Ridge - Windham, VT - Photos
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July 8, 2006:
I hiked to the summit of Timber Ridge from the summit of Magic. The connection trails appear to be used by four wheelers and bikes and many of the Timber Ridge trails are fairly clear. The abandoned Southbrook complex is growing in but still noticable with a fourwheeler trail to and down it.

November 26, 2003:
I drove around the base area of Timber Ridge and noticed there was a modern Bombardier cat in the bottom lift terminal/garage.

November 11, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Timber Ridge. The lodge now appears to be a residence.

March 19, 2002:
I drove around the abandoned base area of Timber Ridge.

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