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New Hampshire Lost Ski Area Photos
Alpine Ridge - Gilford, NH - Photos
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March 15, 2004:
Stopped by Alpine Ridge since I was skiing Gunstock. Drove by the old area and also took a photo from Gunstock. Not much left to see except topography/tree canopy variances.
Brickyard - Weirs Beach, NH - Photos
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April 23, 2004:
Stopped by this area briefly - drove by it the first time since the sign is being overgrown. Not much to see, much of it appears to be on private property and grown in. Paved driveway has started to really warp.
Copple Crown - New Durham, NH - Photos
April 24, 2004:
My cousin Sam and I drove to Copple Crown to see what's left. The base lodge is still standing and in use, though the rest of the area is pretty much grown in. Traces of a slope are still visible behind the lodge. Canopy still shows where some trails were.
Crotched East - Francestown, NH - Photos
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April 14, 2002:
Drove to Crotched East and walked around the base area briefly. Two T-Bars and one Double Chair were still standing. Area appears to be rather residential at this point.
Gilford Ski Tow - Gilford, NH - Photos
March 15, 2004:
Drove by this lost ski area after skiing at Gunstock. Slopes and old base building still visible.
Highlands - Northfield, NH - Photos
April 25, 2004:
Drove up to the entrance of the parking lot and saw wok being done on the parking lot as well as new siding on the rental building.

November 1, 2003:
No trespassing sign posted at beginning of parking lot. Took some photos from that boundary - noticed snowcat windshield had been completely smashed in. A light was on outside the lodge.

September 14, 2002:
Drove into parking lot - things seemed pretty quiet. No real changes noticed.

March 13, 2002:
I walked around the base area - rather wet as a beaver dam had backed up the snowmaking pond a bit. Lodge is boarded up. Triple chair starting to age but still in salvagable condition. T-bar and wire rope tow quickly being taken over by new growth. Pump room partially flooded. Snowcat windshield had been hit with a baseball bat it appeared.
King Ridge - New London, NH - Photos
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October 31, 2003:
Drove up to the base of King Ridge and discovered not only a back road that leads to the bottom of the hill but some recent clearing and preparation for building yet more homes.

May 19, 2002:
Drove to the top of King Ridge. Found an old boneyard toward skier's right that looks to contain an old T-Bar or other surface lift. Trails are still maintained to an extent, though some are yards now.
Ledges - North Grantham, NH - Photos
November 22, 2003:
I took some photos of this lost area on my way to Snow Hill at Eastman. There is an exit near it but daylight was running short so I didn't pull up close. While the slopes are visible, nothing else really seemed to be there.
Mittersill - Franconia, NH - Photos
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September 11, 2004:
I drove around the Mittersill base area prior to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner. I also went up the road to skier's right of the double chairlift and followed it up to a construction site apparently unrelated to the Cannon expansion.

November 1, 2003:
I drove up to the double chairlift field/parking lot and hiked around the bottom 100 vertical feet of the area. Chairlift still has cable tension (chairs are gone) but does have at least one derailment. Trees are quickly catching up to tower height. T-bar bottom terminal still standing near old lodge. T's are stored in the double chair drive terminal.
Monteau - Swiftwater Valley, NH - Photos
September 11, 2004:
Prior to going to the annual New England Ski Museum dinner, I drove up to Monteau. I had previously missed finding this area by the slightest of margins, but this time I had made sure I'd looked at the aerial imagery beforehand. Not much to see other than slopes growing in and a lodge that is now a house.
Moose Mountain - Wakefield, NH - Photos
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April 9, 2005:
I drove to Moose Mountain with my friend Kiley. The remaining natural snow helped to define the old trails and slopes from a distance.

April 24, 2004:
I drove to Moose Mountain with my cousin Sam. Towers from the Mueller double chairlift and two T-Bars still visible. I also saw an old sign on a garage just down the road. Significant growth on trails. Lodge appears to be a house now. Lots of four wheeler trails/tracks visible.
Mt. Eustis - Littleton, NH - Photos
March 26, 2004:
After a boring hour or so of skiing at Bretton Woods, I packed up and headed for Vermont. I saw a slope of this ski area from the road and decided to investigate further. Though I didn't get out and try to walk up through the woods to it, I could see a large slope and also remnants of a shack.
Mt. Whittier - Ossipee, NH - Photos
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April 16, 2004:
On my way back from a sunburn-filled great day of skiing at Wildcat I snapped a few photos of Whittier from Route 16.

March 18, 2003:
After skiing Wildcat with my friend Jamie, we drove up to Whittier to check things out. Apparently the Mt. Madness tubing park was to be open that Sunday. Seemed like there was enough snow to pull that off. November 29, 2002:
My uncle and I took a quick ride over to Whittier to see what this new Mt. Madness business was all about. Appeared to be some work going on, though nothing groundbreaking.

Fall 2000:
I drove by Whittier and also stopped into the gift shop in the bottom gondola terminal as well as the nearby ski shop. The gondola drive seemed to be well protected from the elements. I heard that the gondola line was owned separately from the rest of the property, which was supposedly owned by a Wolfeboro restaurant owner. The mountain itself seemed pretty abandoned, especially the failed summer time mini water park.
Oak Hill - Hanover, NH - Photos
April 9, 2004:
On my way to Dartmouth College's ski area, I saw somewhat of a trail structure from a distance and decided to check it out. It turned out to be Oak Hill and seems to be a summer camp of sorts. The old surface lift line is still very noticable.
Snow Hill at Eastman - Grantham, NH - Photos
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November 22, 2003:
This area was located in a private development adjacent to a nice big pond. I parked at the ski area parking lot (ski area isn't really visible from this) and hiked up the double chair lift line. The chairs were all down, some damaged, but for the most part the lift seemed to be in operating shape with some minor work. I then hiked down a trail to skiers left - it must seem like you're going to ski right into the pond! Despite the small vertical, the terrain was varied and had nice views.
Snow's Mountain - Waterville Valley, NH - Photos
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March 12, 2006:
After skiing Waterville, I stopped by the base area of Snow's Mountain. I was surprised to see the double still standing after hearing rumors of it being removed for development.
Temple - Temple, NH - Photos
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September 4, 2006:
I hiked up to the top of the old ski area via the Wapack hiking trail. Both chairlifts are gone, though both T-Bars do stand in at least some fashion. Many of the buildings have been torn down. The trails are quickly growing in. Snowmaking pipe and lights are still in place.

April 14, 2002:
Walked around the base area. The test chairs appeared to be down on the quad, though the area was lost. Decent amount of hikers following the trail. I did not get to the western t-bar part of the ski area.

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