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Berkshire East - Charlemont, MA - Photos - ***
January 1990:
I first starting skiing Berkshire East with my elementary school program.
Blandford - Blandford, MA - Photos - 1
January 16, 2006:
After skiing two runs at Otis Ridge, I went to Blandford and skied four more. The lines on the Broadway and Glades doubles were a few minutes long while the line at the North double was non-existant due to the lack of snow on those trails. Conditions were packed powder throughout the area.
Blue Hills - Canton, MA - Photos -
Oct. 4, 2006:
After hiking to the summit of Great Blue Hill, I wandered over to the ski area summit. Not much going on.
Bousquet - Pittsfield, MA - Photos - 1
March 6, 2004:
I went skiing at Bousquet on a windy night after a decent amount of rain. The new Hall double from Eastover wasn't completed, however the towers and lower terminal were in place. With the exception of the novice trails, I skied everything open and rode both the center pole Hall and the Carlevaro Savio/SLI doubles.

January 21, 2003:
I drove by Bousquet after skiing Butternut and Catamount.

November 27, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Bousquet.

April 21, 2002:
I hiked around the base area of Bousquet.
Bradford - Bradford, MA - Photos
April 28, 2005:
I drove around the base area of Bradford.

December 24, 2003:
I visited Bradford for the first time on Christmas Eve on a mission to borrow a Borvig grip tester.
Butternut - Great Barrington, MA - Photos - 1
January 21, 2003:
I skied Butternut on a very cold, windy, but sunny day. I skied every trail except for a few novice slopes.

November 27, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Butternut and up past the rope tows.

March 7, 2002:
I walked around the base area of Butternut as well as rentals.
Catamount - Egremont, MA - Photos - 1
January 21, 2003:
I skied Catamount on a cold afternoon.

March 17, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Catamount.

March 7, 2002:
I walked around the base area of Catamount.
Easton - Deerfield, MA - Photos - **
March 15, 2002:
I hiked Easton Ski Area. With considerable cat work, it could have been skiable up until a few days prior.

January, 1998:
I started Ski Patrolling at Easton Ski Area.

January, 1997:
I skied my first day at Easton Ski Area.
Jiminy Peak - Hancock, MA - Photos - 6
January 9, 2006:
I skied Jiminy for a few hours with my friends Angela and Kevin. Though it was crowded early on, conditions were decent as temperatures hovered in the upper 30s. I skied every night trail with the exception of the terrain parks. March 17, 2005:
I night skied Jiminy with my friend Kiley.

February 7, 2005:
I night skied Jiminy with my friend Dan on a relatively warm night.

January 10, 2005:
After a dull morning at Mount Snow, I skied the afternoon at Jiminy Peak. Though it was extremely foggy at the summit, conditions were decent.

January 21, 2003:
Skied midafternoon through night in extreme wind/cold at Jiminy with my friend Dan. All night trails were open.

October 20, 2002:
I took the Berkshire Express 'scenic ride' and walked around the summit a bit on a windy fall day.

March 9, 2002:
I walked around the base area of Jiminy. I also drove up to the top of the new condo development across the road.

Circa 1995:
I skied during the day at Jiminy Peak. A cold day with squeeky snow.
Mt. Greylock Ski Club - Williamstown, MA - Photos
May 12, 2002:
I drove up the narrow dirt road to Mt. Greylock Ski Club on a rainy spring day. Despite the small vertical drop, the area appears to ski big for its size.
Nashoba Valley - Westford, MA - Photos
March 27, 2005:
I drove around the Nashoba Valley base area.
Otis Ridge - Otis, MA - Photos - 1
January 16, 2006:
I took two quick runs off the double chair at Otis Ridge. There was about half a foot of powder from the storm a day earlier, allowing for most of the trails to be open. Ridge Run was a unique trail but lacked snowmaking and thus adequate base to really ski.

March 20, 2004:
I drove by Otis Ridge on my way to night skiing at Sundown.

March 17, 2002:
I walked around the base area of Otis Ridge. There was a lot more snow remaining than at nearby Blandford.
Pine Ridge - Barre, MA - Photos
May 11, 2002:
I stopped by the base area of Pine Ridge briefly on a sunny spring day.
Ski Ward - Shrewsbury, MA - Photos
Thunderbolt - Adams, MA - Photos
July 29, 2006:
I hiked up Thunderbolt then down the Bellows Pipe trail on a warm, humid day.

March 21, 2002:
I took a few photos of the end of Thunderbolt while looking around the abandoned Greylock Glen area.
Wachusett - Princeton, MA - Photos - 1
October 15, 2006:
I hiked up Wachusett with my friends Mike, Becca, and Paul. The weather was cool and windy and the crowds were rather heavy.

March 21, 2003:
I skied Wachusett for about 45 minutes. Nearly all trails were open. I skied all of the main trails of each quad. Cloudy sky, drizzle.

May 15, 2002:
I drove around the base area.

May 11, 2002:
I walked around the base area.
Waidlich Family Tow - Millers Falls, MA - Photos
April 30, 2002:
While looking for the old Crystal Notch ski area, I stumbled upon a slope and rope tow. The tow appeared to be operable still.

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