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Massachusetts Lost Ski Area Photos
Beartown - South Lee, MA - Photos
January 23, 2003:
Drove around the bottom of Beartown in search of the best place to take photos without actually hiking. Variations in the tree canopy show some of the old trails.

March 7, 2002:
I drove around the base area of Beartown as well as a nearby aging industrial park looking for the best view of the old ski area.
Berkshire Snow Basin - Cummington, MA - Photos
January 16, 2006:
I drove by Berkshire Snow Basin after skiing Blandford and Otis Ridge. The base area is moderately flooded.

April 21, 2002:
I took a walk along the side of the old and current Route 9s as I took photos of Berkshire Snow Basin. While a lot of it has been scrapped, the T-Bar lifts are still standing with the T's in storage.
Brodie - New Ashford, MA - Photos - 1
November 19, 2005:
Hiked with my friend Marc Howes. Just above freezing at base, below freezing at summit. Clear day. Ski area is lost, however Matt's Chair (Borvig Double) and a new magic carpet lift are being used for snow tubing. Area now called Snowy Owl. Snowmaking previous night using SMI Wizzards and Lenkos on Harp's Hump and Leprechaun's University. Chairs and cable are now off Gramp's Chair (Stadeli Double). Andy's Lift (Stadeli Double) and Dot's Lift (Borvig Double) still standing with chairs and cable tensioned.
November 27, 2002:
Sunny day, stopped in at Brodie parking lot briefly. Snowmaking in progress on Harp's Hump.
May 12, 2002:
Rainy day, stopped at Brodie parking lot briefly.
April 21, 2002:
Overcast day, patches of snow remain. Walked around base area.
March 9, 2002:
Overcast day, stopped by and walked around base area. Ski area still open. Gramps chair open with skiers.
Early 1990s:
Skied one day, including trails such as Tipperary, JFK, and Ryan's Express.
Burnt Hill - Heath, MA - Photos
March 16, 2002:
After learning of this never-completed area, I drove by and took some photos. As far as I've heard, the T-Bar to be used was sold and shipped out, thus it is likely nothing remains. Variance in tree canopy is noticable. Several smaller buildings can be seen through the woods at where the base area would have likely been.
Chickley Alps - Hawley, MA - Photos
March 9, 2002:
Drove by Chickley Alp, not much new, base lodge still occupied.

Early 1990s:
Walked around the base area, saw murals on walls, remains of old lift shack.
Crystal Notch - Millers Falls, MA - Photos
April 3, 2002:
Drove by lost area, could see field and treeline indentation on hill.
Deerfield Academy - Deerfield, MA - Photos
March 15, 2002:
On a cloudy day I hiked this area. I didn't expect to find much, but was surprised to see the old rope tow still standing. From what I heard, this area closed in the mid 1980s or so.

Mid 1990s:
Hiked this area late at night, or at least to the summit of it.
Eaglebrook - Deerfield, MA - Photos
March 15, 2002:
Hiked existing Easton Ski Area on overcast day. Lost area accessible from part of current beginner trail. Lost area growing in.
Hiked old area.
Eaglebrook 1 - Deerfield, MA - Photos
March 15, 2002:
I hiked Eaglebrook's open area and took a photo of a rumoured first ski area for Eaglebrook (out of three). I heard about this area when I was attending Eaglebrook - there are conflicting stories, however there is a clear field where it was said to exist. My best guess is that it was a slope without a rope tow, hence the conflicting accounts. Nonetheless, it is an open field today.
Greenfield Ski Jump - Greenfield, MA - Photos
May 10, 2002:
Drove to Poet's Seat Tower to take a photo of the mountain where the Greenfield Ski Jump was. It was located behind the shopping complex off Route 2, between Shelburne Road and South Shelburne Road. It's very hard to see, but in the left hand side of the photo the straight line up the bottom of the mountain shows the area where the ski jump once was.
Greylock Glen - Adams, MA - Photos
July 29, 2006:
After hiking Thunderbolt, I hiked to the summit of the double chairlift and then across trails 6-8 and over toward the summit of the intermediate area. While there are some hiking/biking trails mowed, most of the area is extremely grown in. Many trail lights still remain.

May 29, 2005:
Walked down the base trail, no real changes since last visit. Park rangers were on duty, parked near where the maintenance shop would have been built.

April 21, 2002:
Drove up both parts of the U shape road around Greylock Glen, then parked and hiked in and walked the base area as well as up the lift line that would have been to skier's right. Discovered that more than one lift was actually started, contrary to previously known on NELSAP. Also walked around what's rumoured to be the location for the golf clubhouse - across the pond from the ski area. Numerous footings in the ground throughout that area. Trail lights still visible from the access road.
Holland Farms - Greenfield, MA - Photos
May 10, 2002:
Drove to Poet's Seat Tower to take a photo of Holland Farms from a distance.

April 15, 2002:
Drove by the road near Holland Farms and took some photos of what's still visible - tree canopy variation as well as a field up the hill.
Jug End - South Egremont, MA - Photos
January 21, 2003:
After a previous unsuccessful attempt, I found the area somewhat on the backside of Catamount. Not much left other than traces of ski slopes.
Lively Farm - Colrain, MA - Photos
May 3, 2002:
Drove down the road below Lively Farm and took some photos of where the slope likely was - northernly exposed sloped pasture.
Mohawk Trail Skiers Project - Charlemont, MA - Photos
May 3, 2002:
I drove to the base of this lost area. A gas station used to be located here years ago and was supposedly also the base lodge for the area according to one source. There isn't much at all to see except the tree canopy variation.
Mitch's Hockanum Ski Ranch - Hadley, MA - Photos
April 21, 2003:
I drove by this lost ski area after hiking Tinker Hill on the other side of the ridge. Not much to see, however the slope/possible trail or liftline above it are visible.
Sawmill Hill - Charlemont, MA - Photos
April 8, 2002:
Took a photo of the Sawmill Hill area from the Big Chief trail at Berkshire East.

March 9, 2002:
Drove by the top of Sawmill Hill (road to the Warfield House Restaurant). Top of the lost area is a field, with the balance of it grown in (base lodge was converted into a house).
Sheep Hill - Williamstown, MA - Photos
April 13, 2002:
I'd heard rumours of a ski area existing on these open slopes, so I photographed them while driving by. The direction, shape, and tree lines suggest a rope tow area could have existed somewhere on here.
Snow White - Hawley, MA - Photos
March 9, 2002:
Drove by Snow White. What appears to be the original lodge/canteen is still standing. Drove up road that runs parallel to slope, not much to see.
Thunder Mountain - Charlemont, MA - Photos
April 8, 2002:
While hiking Big Chief at Berkshire East, I took some photos from the top of the old rope tow slope.

March 9, 2002:
Hiked up lower Mohawk at Berkshire East and took a photo of the old lodge as well as a sheave train in the woods from the original Thunder Mountain (1950s) rope tow. Other than the sheave, one would be hard pressed to guess that a slope was ever there.

January 26, 2002:
Went in the old Thunder Mountain lodge - I am not positive if this was first opened when with the original 1950s development, but with the construction of the current Main Lodge in 1961, my guess is that this abandoned lodge was the original. Do NOT enter this abandoned lodge unless authorized by Berkshire East.
Tinker Hill - Hadley, MA - Photos
April 21, 2003:
I hiked this area on a spring afternoon. I found remnants of one rope tow including a sheave wheel and some footings. As I continued past the half way point on this particular hill (where the rope tow ended), I noticed a linear clearing from that top terminal location to the top of the hill. While I found no footings, I think there was either a second rope tow here, a planned second rope tow, or else a somewhat steep, straight trail.
Mt. Tom - Holyoke, MA - Photos
June 18, 2006:
I hiked in 90+ degree weather from Lake Bray to the summit of Mt. Tom. Two lift shacks still remain at the summit as well as the footings to the old chairlift towers.

April 21, 2003:
Took photos from a distance, though they did not come out well.

Visited mountain early season and walked around base area. Areco snowguns were cranking.
Mt. Watatic - Ashby, MA - Photos
September 4, 2006:
I hiked up the backside of the old Mt. Watatic ski area and took some photos of where I think the double chairlift top terminal was (not to be confused with the footings of the old fire tower). The ski trails are growing in rapidly, though it appears there are hiking trails down some of them.
Wheldon Hotel - Greenfield, MA - Photos
April 3, 2002:
Drove around the "hotel" (actually an apartment complex) to check out the old rope tow slope. Best I could judge was that it was between the two large buildings. Not really accessible to view, fenced in.
Whitcomb Summit - Florida, MA - Photos
March 9, 2002:
Drove by this area and took photos of the slope. On an old episode of Chronical, I saw a short video of skiers in this field circa the 1930s or 40s.
Williams College - Williamstown, MA - Photos
September 25, 2006:
I hiked up the Williams College Ski Trail to the summit of Berlin Mountain.

April 13, 2002:
Drove muddy access road to the base of the area after a NELSAP hike at Petersburg Pass. Hiked around base area. Main Slope somewhat maintained, hints of rope to to skier's left.

March 9, 2002:
Took photos driving down Route 2 from Petersburg Pass.

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